Tutoring at Lydian


Every day we welcome students from neighborhood schools into our warm, supportive tutoring center. Students enjoy being part of our bustling learning atmosphere, and feel especially comfortable when they see friends who have also chosen Lydian for tutoring.


If you have questions we are always happy to help. Request Information or give us a call.

The Lydian Difference


Tutoring at Lydian is taught by our middle and high school teachers who know the curriculum well.


Our faculty members are particularly skilled at quickly getting to know your learning style so they can offer various teaching strategies that match the way you learn. They teach one-to-one all day long in our middle and high school, so they have plenty of practice adjusting to the way each student learns. 


Are you too far behind to raise your grade?

Consider our after school classes for credit. Just like summer school, except during the school year, classes for credit are UC-approved and count towards college eligibility. Offering anytime start-dates and one-to-one teaching. Contact us to learn more.