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SCHOOL with a 14-year reputation for Academic Excellence

Choose Carefully. Colleges are getting wise to "pay to play" programs.

Lydian Transcripts are 


Reuptable, and


Beware of after-school tutoring/SAT prep companies that are not accredited. They OUTSOURCE their

transcripts, often to schools at the other end of the state with unknown reputations.

Authentic Student Achievement

MORE THAN 3000 students say they have learned more at Lydian than at any other school

Take a look at our live student survey data for proof of authentic achievement.

A Long History At Top Colleges

Lydian transcripts have been accepted to elite colleges, including Stanford, Cornell, Duke, Princeton, Cal, UCLA and many other top-notch universities.

When it comes to AP classes, the colleges have seen 14 years of AP scores from Lydian students, providing third-party validation of the rigor of our classes.

Authentic Advanced Placement Classes

We accept fewer than 10 students annually in our highly selective Advanced Placement (AP) after-school and summer programs. We admit students only after a thorough academic review to make sure they are ready to succeed at the advanced levels.