Weekly Bulletin October 23-27

Events at Lydian!

A thanks to all those who attended our first Parent Ed talk! It went great!

Also thanks to all of those who participated in our Graduation Committee on Thursday! Graduation planning is now underway!

-Recurring Events-

-Student Council- Student Council will be meeting this Wednesday 10/18! By popular demand, join us at our new Student Council time during lunch @ 12-12:30PM! Contribute ideas and help make important decisions affecting student life here at Lydian! We will be voting on the designs for our Lydian Sweatshirts this upcoming week!

- Music Club meets Wednesday at 2:30 PM- playing all sort of music! Jam, Snack, and Mingle!

>>Upcoming Events<<

--Movie Night is Friday October 27th! We will be Watching Woman In Black with friends and pizza!

--School-wide Halloween Potluck is on Tuesday, Oct. 31st from 11-12:30pm @ Nealon Park. Students are encouraged to dress for a costume contest. Teachers are already brainstorming their themed costumes: literary and historical figures! Come on students, show those teachers who can really go all out on a costume!

--Our second Site Council Meeting is November 2nd!

--Academic Showcase is November 8th (Wednesday) and will follow our theme of "Lydians: Believe It!" where we will explore amazing topics!

--Our next Parent Ed Series is November 30th- Save the Date!

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