Weekly Bulletin October 17-21

What's On Deck This Week at Lydian?

-- Monday --

Electronics Club, 2:30 in the Bunker

Graduation Kickoff Meeting, 3:00pm in the EFS Room

-- Tuesday --

Student Council Meeting, 2:30pm in The Bunker

On the agenda: Halloween Picnic

-- Wednesday--

Open Mic & Snacks, 3:00-5:00pm in the EFS Room

-- Friday--

D&D Game

2:30 in the EFS Room

Photo: Preview of this year's t-shirt!

Be On The Lookout For...

Halloween Picnic: Costume contest, scary movies, and candy... lots of candy!

Student Profiles: They'll be on the walls in the weeks ahead!

T-Shirts: Jon will hand out t-shirts to everyone on Monday!

Activity Waivers: Be sure to complete and turn them in to Jon before Halloween!

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