After School Classes for Credit. Ready When You Are.


Take UC-approved classes for credit after school to add to your transcript, make up credits, repeat a course, or manage your course load. Just like summer school, but after school during the year. 

Our classes are offered "on demand", and start anytime throughout the year. Save your summer for extra-curriculars!

Ready to register? Go to the Request Information or give us a call to get started.

Anytime Start Dates

With anytime start dates, we welcome new families into our after school program all year. Contact Us to get started!

The Classes

Choose from an extensive list of UC-approved high school courses


Lydian's after school classes for credit are not only UC-approved, but they are also NCAA-approved, so Lydian classes on your transcript count towards college and NCAA eligibility. 


We also offer personalized after school middle school classes in cooperation with many middle schools in the area.

How it Works 

When you enroll in the after school classes for credit program, you will be given a class schedule with meeting times in the after school hours.

After school clases generally meet three times per week. We assign you one of our highly qualified school faculty members to teach the course in our one-to-one format.


Lydian's after school classes are just like school - the same content, with tests, quizzes, assignments, and grades, but in a class size of ONE. One student, one teacher. Think of our classes as a cross between the classroom for content, and tutoring for the teaching style.


In your after school class, you progress at your own pace (within reason!). You compete the course when you have demonstrated mastery. If you need a little more time to master a particular unit, no problem. Or if you already know a topic, you can move ahead. No more slowing down or speeding up to match your classmates. This is your class, at your pace.