Personalized Education. Something for Everyone


Whether your are an academically mature student on a college prep path, or someone looking for a fresh start,  you will find our warm, accepting atmosphere a welcoming place to pursue your goals.

The School Day at Lydian

Each student attends a mix of individualized classes and group time. The core subjects - Social Studies, English, Math, Science, and Languages, are taught one-to-one. Students also attend group sessions to collaborate, get work done, enhance their study skills, and to connect with other students.


The curriculum

Our middle school curriculum is aimed at building academic self-confidence and fostering independence in preparation for high school. 


High schoolers heading to college choose from a robust list of UC-approved courses to prepare for the rigors of college and meet eligibility requirements.


Students going to the community college or into the work force receive solid academic preparation with graduation requirements that exceed state standards.


Student Connections

Students make lasting friends in our intimate, accessible social atmosphere.


Lunchtime at Lydian is an especially good time to have fun with friends and participate in the Lydian club culture. Students mingle at the monthly all-school potluck, attend student council or lunchtime clubs, and enjoy being together in our friendly student-teacher lounge.


After school we invite students to stick around, where there is always something going on. Tie-dye a t-shirt in Creative Space Club, or enhance your confidence and peform at the weekly Lydian Open Mic. Have some pizza as you watch a movie with friends. Or just hang out and socialize in our warm, safe after school space.

Students and Teachers Talk About Homework


We have a simple approach to homework. And it works.