Lydian Academy is a one-of-a-kind school. We are dedicated to engaging students in their own education, inspiring them with enthusiastic teachers, and welcoming them into our warm, accepting learning atmosphere. 


Lydian middle-schoolers receive a strong academic foundation, paving the way for meeting the challenges of high school.


High schoolers choose from a variety of paths after graduation. Some attend two- and four-year colleges, others join the workforce, and the creatives among us go on to pursue their passions. 


Every spring we are especially excited to watch those seniors who once thought college was off the table sort through their list of college acceptances. Which to choose? It's a great problem to have!


Welcome To Lydian

From the Principal


Who is the typical Lydian student? Families enroll for so many different reasons that we don't have a typical student.

Some students come to us for a fresh start in school, and to put painful bumps in the road behind them. Many of our students have learning differences and want more personalized instruction. Others have their sights set on our nation's top universities, and want a less stressful way to get there. 


At Lydian, students of all stripes become fast friends in our welcoming, close-knit school, and learn from each other every day. 


Students tell me that one of their favorite things about Lydian is the teachers. Their teachers are dedicated to building a trusting, supportive learning atmosphere, and students notice.


I invite you to contact us to schedule a visit. I look forward to meeting you.


Jonathan Frecceri, Principal

Preparing Students for Life


School Success
Without the Stress


As a longtime resident, parent, and educator in this community, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to grow up here.

I am the parent of a creative, artistic child who didn’t fit the mold, and like many parents, I struggled to get my son through school with his self-esteem intact.

And while I am the first to agree that the schools in our community are top-notch, I created Lydian because I saw room for a school that re-engages students, whatever their learning style, without all the stress.


I know we all want the same thing - a school that not only accepts our kids as they are, but also celebrates their unique gifts, without compromising their education.


That is why I founded Lydian Academy.

Lydian is just one campus in Menlo Park, with just one focus – to help families like yours and mine launch our kids into successful, confident, fulfilling adult lives.

Rhonda Racine, Founder of Lydian Academy